Fan jumps onto field to propose to his girlfriend and gets demolished by a security guard

Published March 31, 2023 at 8:33

In the year 2023 the idea of viral proposals has gone to an entirely different level. People will go to entirely new and creative ways to try and get their significant other to accept their proposal. Well one LA Dodgers fan learned that sometimes the tried, tested and true methods are likely the right way to go.

During a stoppage of play during last night's game the fan hopped the fence in the outfield and opted to take a knee in left field and propose to his girlfriend. While everyone in attendance appeared amused by the proposal, security definitely was not. A member of the security team comes rushing in from off camera and not only apprehends the man, but absolutely demolishes him with a HUGE hit.

The man was quickly arrested and removed from the field. There are no reports on whether or not she said yes.

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