Fans should prepare for another lock out after recent comments from new NHLPA Director

Published December 3, 2023 at 11:16
The National Hockey League as a business has continued to flourish with franchise values continuing to rise and the league thinking about more expansion sooner rather than later at what's being called a hefty fee. One of the problems with that though is, the players don't see any expansion money and while the league can continue to expand, the salary cap largely hasn't moved.

According Marty Walsh the Executive Director of the National Hockey League Players Association during a sit down interview with insider Frank Seravalli if the NHL does expand, he's going to ask for some of that money for the players; take a look.

#NHL franchise values have skyrocketed.The league will consider expansion in the near future - at a hefty fee.

Players see none of that money. And earnings have remained flat.

#NHLPA's Marty Walsh: I'm going to ask for some of that.'

Walsh mentions that the players are the reason fans go to games, buy jerseys and are interested in hockey in the first place, but when it comes the negotiating things like a new collective bargaining agreement, suddenly they don't have any money. That's not fair to the players and if the league continues to make money hand over fist the way they are, Walsh is ready to battle the league for a raise in player earnings.

Honestly, Marty Walsh has been a great edition to the NHLPA, it's about time someone stood up to Gary Bettman. Profiting off the players and not raising the salary cap is ridiculous.

The only thing is, fans should brace for another lockout when the current CBA expires
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Fans should prepare for another lock out after recent comments from new NHLPA Director

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