First health update on penalty box attendant who was struck by falling glass

Published May 7, 2022 at 4:37 PM

Last night in Boston there was a couple tense moments, after a pane of glass fell on an elderly penalty box attendant. There were immediate reports that the attendant was knocked unconscious by the glass. The Carolina Hurricanes medical staff, who were the first to respond, immediately deemed it was appropriate for the man to be taken to hospital.

We are now begining to get our first update on the attendant, Joe Foley. According to multiple sources Foley was transported for precautionary reasons only.

Good news. According to NHL, off ice official Joe Foley was released from MGH shortly after being examined last night. It's hoped he'll be at his post later this series.

Hopefully Foley makes a full recovery and the Bruins are able to extend their series so Foley can back at his post sooner rather than later.
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