Former NHLER claims the playoffs are fixed for the leafs

Published May 4, 2022 at 9:15

Every Toronto Maple Leaf fan in existence is collectively holding their breath right now. Monday night's dominant 5-0 win over the defending Stanley Cup Champions was definitely an encouraging sign of things to come, but everyone knows the Leafs have demons to exorcize to get out of the first round.

Apparently, according to long time NHLer and former Ottawa Senator, Marc Methot at least, the playoffs are fixed in favour of the Leafs?

The Fix is in! I'm done watching.

Methot tweeted this out after the Maple Leafs had taken a 3-0 lead, and after the Maple Leafs had Kyle Clifford ejected for a boarding call forcing the Leafs to play short benches for 53 minutes of the game.

Listen, Marc, buddy, I know you played and were a serviceable defenceman in the league for a long time and this was probably just to draw attention, but just in case it's not, did you actually watch the game. Questionable calls went both ways, the Leafs killed off a 5-minute major 7 minutes into the game, . They couldn't stay out of the box the entire game and still managed to win 5-0.

Leaf fans are the ones that are full of themselves though, right?

I can hear the comments now: «it's one game», «plan the parade», «1967» and a list of a few I'll probably get, but, since when did we start policing when it was okay to cheer on our favourite team? Everyone knows the odds, everyone knows it was one game, everyone knows they have to win 3 more. However, for the first time in a while this is an encouraging sign.

Heck, last year, Montreal fans wanted to throw a parade for losing in the final. Being excited about a win is worse than that?

While Methot was possibly trying to rile up Leafs Nation, here's a stat that would suggest the playoffs are fixed for American teams to win: since Gary Bettman took over as commissionaire of the NHL in ‘94, no Canadian team has won the cup. Seems to me, if anything, Marc Methot needs to brush up on his league fixings as much as he needs to work on his commentary skills.
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Former NHLER claims the playoffs are fixed for the leafs

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