Former NHLer currently fighting for his country in Ukraine

Published February 27, 2022 at 9:22

Dmitri Khristich has played more NHL games than any other Ukrainian born player. He played 811 career NHL games, with 4 different NHL teams (Washington, Los Angeles, Boston and Toronto). He finished his professional hockey career in 2002-2003, by playing for Magnitogorsk Metallurg.

Khristich was born in Kyiv, which in 1969 was apart of the USSR. Kyiv is the capital of the Ukraine, and currently one of the key targets in Russia's attempted invasion of the Ukraine.

Gorg Miller, of TSN, took to Twitter to show the following message that he received from Kristich on Saturday:

"We are fighting hard, doing our best. We need you to tell the Russian people what is really going on. All they hear is propaganda and lies." - Dmitri Kristich

Miller also shared the following heartbreaking message he received from a friend currently in the Ukraine.

Good morning dear friend i think the fight is today they have many hevy tanks we are only soldiers and usual ukrainians with small guns we will do our best dear friend but i don't think we will live to see monday pray for us

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