Coyotes players have no faith in the team

Published February 27, 2022 at 8:22

During Saturday Night's edition of 32 thoughts, Eliotte Friedman shared a bleak report regarding the future of the Arizona Coyotes, their move to Arizona State University, and lack of good will between players and management.

Friedman reported the Coyotes management has lost rapport with their players, an issue that will affect their ability to sign free agents, and potentially even re-signing their own UFAs. This will spell trouble for the Coyotes, who have a whopping 13 players on expiring deals this year.

NHL Watcher broke down Friedman's reporting in this Twitter thread:

Friedman includes the fact the players met, accompanied by NHLPA representative Mathieu Schneider, with President Xavier Gutierrez to discuss their concerns with the financial stability of the team. Upon discussion, Schneider indicated that up to 90% of players currently on the roster will need to leave, presumably to accommodate the expected financial losses of moving to an arena with fan capacity at less than 3000.

The players had no answers to their concerns about financial stability, shaking their faith in the future of the organization. Friedman continued on saying the meeting was «really tough», and noted that despite their concerns, the NHLPA has no powers to block the move to ASU.
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