Former player calls Lou Lamoriello and his rules a 'joke'

Published February 2, 2023 at 8:44

Lou Lamiorello has left plenty of disaster in his wake for others to clean up, such as in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization. As an old-school General Manager, he hasn't shed his old belief system of discipline off the ice and his image has suffered because of it.

Lou's 'rules' which were once a key driver of his Stanley Cup teams in New Jersey, haven't evolved with the game and have left multiple players with a bad taste in their mouth after playing for Lamiorello.

Brooks Laich called Lamiorello's rules a "joke", as anyone in Lou's organization has to be clean-shaven, wear a suit, and tie on the team bus or plane before the game.

Despite the evolution of the NHL and the game, Lou clings to his old school rules which for him in his mind works, but for others, not so much. Players of today don't want to be treated like children who are unable to make their own decisions. The failures of the New York Islanders under Lamiorello have also show that his understanding of the game, or how to build a team hasn't evolved enough. The Islanders have gotten worse under Lou year-over-year and again they sit outside the playoff position.

Lamiorello has mortgaged multiple teams futures recently and Laich was just one player who unfortunately had to suffer through the Lamiorello Era in Toronto.
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Former player calls Lou Lamoriello and his rules a 'joke'

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