Michael Bunting is furious after he's left leaking by a cross check to the face with no call

Published February 1, 2023 at 10:44 PM

Michael Bunting has a reputation around the NHL of being a bit of a diver. Bunting has an drawn criticism for being a rat, who isn't afraid of embellishing to try and get a call. That reputation has begun to haunt him as it means more and more referees refuse to give him a call.

Late in the 2nd period of tonight's game, Bunting was the victim of a cross check to the face by Brandon Carlo. The play left him cut, but the referee made no call on the play.

The non-call set Bunting off, who on the bench absolutely blew his fuse. Bunting snapped his stick, screamed at the referee and showed off the damage caused by the stick.

It's clear referees are getting tired of the Maple Leafs schtick of always blaming officials for their short comings.
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