Former teammate shares just how much he hates Dominik Hasek

Published January 13, 2024 at 9:42
Hockey players will go through hundreds of teammates during their careers, with some they like and others not so much. For former NHL forward Matthew Barnaby it was the latter when it came to his relationship with a former Hall of Fame goalie.

Barnaby was recently a guest on the Clearing The Crease Podcast with hosts Andrew Raycroft, Mike Commodore and James Cybulski. The topic of the two-time Stanley Cup champion Hasek came up in conversation. Barnaby and Hasek were teammates for seven seasons with the Buffalo Sabres.

Barnaby began by saying in his opinion Hasek is the best goalie ever. Admitting if the Sabres didn't have Hasek in net, they wouldn't have made the playoffs during Barnaby's time with the team.

The conversation then took a turn as Barnaby began to attack Hasek's character saying he was an awful teammate.

"The sh*t I saw this guy do and pull with teammates and fans and listen he's not a great dude at all. This guy could be a serial douchebag at times. Now I'm sure he's 75 years old now and a lot better but no, I wouldn't p**s on him if he was on fire."

You can tell time hasn't repaired the relationship of the pair as Barnaby is still fired up with hatred for his former goalie.
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Former teammate shares just how much he hates Dominik Hasek

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