NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman addresses reporters at All-Star Weekend
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Gary Bettman Makes Major Revelation Regarding the NHL Players Connected to 2018 WJC Incident

Published February 2, 2024 at 3:39 PM
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman wasted no time today getting straight to the points during a news conference at All-Star Weekend in Toronto. Rather than wait for the question to come up, Bettman opened with a statement on the former members of Team Canada's 2018 World Junior Champions, making a major revelation in the process.

Bettman started by saying the league launched its own external investigation into the incident in May of 2022. He added the NHL was preparing to release the results of that investigation last week when news of the pending charges broke.

"We had heard similar rumours before about the possibility of charges, none of which had come to fruition. And in this instance, we did not have advanced notice from the London [Police] authorities."

In fact, Bettman stated the league has received no information from police in London, Ont., on whether the players will actually be charged, although he assumes that will happen. Meanwhile, he addressed the NHL status of the four players who were in the league until around two weeks ago when they took leaves of absence.

"Bettman on the 5 players: 'They are not with their teams and are free agents (either don't have contracts or will expire after the season), if I were them I would focus on defending themselves if charges come down.'"

At the same time, Bettman said he didn't think suspension was prudent at this point, and the league was rather wait on the outcome of charges or a trial before making a decision.

"Bettman on suspending charged players without pay: 'I don't think that's necessary the fact that they're away from their teams and not playing, I'm comfortable with they've been paid the bulk of their salary for the year anyway."

"Concern is to get this right."

Bettman finished by saying he was doubtful any of the five players involved would play in the NHL while legal proceedings are taking place.

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Gary Bettman Makes Major Revelation Regarding the NHL Players Connected to 2018 WJC Incident

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