Gary Bettman starting to lose support of some very prominent NHL team owners

Published May 25, 2023 at 10:20

Gary Bettman just celebrated his 30th year as Commissioner of the National Hockey League. The polarizing Commissioner has drawn plenty of criticism over his tenure, but for the most part he has retained the support of most league owners. However according to one prominent agent, that support is waning.

Notable player agent Allan Walsh is no stranger to calling out the National Hockey League, often taking to Twitter to call out the league. Yesterday, the notorious agent took to Twitter to provide an update on Gary Bettman and his support, or in this case lack thereof from some prominent owners.

The NHL is poised to raise the cap by just $1,000,000 for next season, but it appears there is some pressure on Bettman to expedite the increase. According to Walsh, owners want the Salary Cap raised more than the projected 1 million it's set to be raised next season; take a look.

What Gary Bettman doesn't want anyone to know is that he's getting big time heat from the most influential owners in the NHL to raise the Upper Limit beyond $1M. So don't tell anyone

If this is true, Bettman is feeling the heat from the owners to do something about the current cap situation could be a good thing. Bettman works for the owners, and if enough of them voice their displeasure, it would force his hand.

With Marty Walsh recently taking over the NHLPA this is will be a major talking point between the two parties and will certainly set the tone for the next collective bargaining agreement.
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Gary Bettman starting to lose support of some very prominent NHL team owners

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