Giroux says, despite rumours, he has not talked with Flyers GM about preferred destinations

Published February 16, 2022 at 1:35 PM

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding where Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux might end up at the trade deadline. Reports are suggesting that Giroux is long for the Colorado Avalanche, but that the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues are also viable options.

Well, Giroux had a chance to speak with the media on Wednesday and, straight from the horse's mouth, he has had no conversations with Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher about what his preferred destinations might be.

"I haven't talked to Chuck yet about (trade deadline). Right now, I'm committed to this team,"

Giroux confirmed to the media in Philadelphia, adding that he has a great deal of love and appreciation for the organization that drafted him 22nd overall back in 2006.

That doesn't necessarily mean that Giroux won't be on the move or that he won't end up in Colorado at the trade deadline or as a UFA this summer, but it does go against what has already been reported.

Giroux, 34, is operating with a limited window in which to pursue a Stanley Cup. It really doesn't make much sense for him to stick around in Philly for a rebuild at this stage in his career. It's likely that we do see him move, it's just a matter of where and when.

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