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Halifax police provide update on 2002-03 World Junior Team

Published January 25, 2024 at 11:36
Yesterday with the news that 5 players from the 2018 Canadian World Junior Team on their way back to London, Ontario to face charges, things around Hockey Canada and the state of hockey in the country as a whole aren't very good at the moment and it looks like things aren't getting any better.

In the summer, TSN's Rick Westhead broke that the 2002-03 world junior team was under investigation as well, now he's provided an update; take a look.

Update: The Halifax Regional Police continue to investigate a historical sexual assault that is alleged to have occurred in the city during the 2002-03 World Juniors tournament and involved multiple members of Canada's team, a police spokesman told TSN.
«As with any investigation, investigators are gathering evidence, following up on leads, speaking with people who may have information in relation to the investigation and exploring numerous avenues to advance the investigation,» Constable John MacLeod wrote to TSN in an email this morning.
«We thank everyone who has come forward to assist the investigation thus far and continue to encourage anyone with information to contact police.»
MacLeod wrote police «want victims to know that there is no statute of limitations and we take a victim centered approach to sexualized violence so that we can provide assistance to victims at whatever stage of healing they may be in.»
A person familiar with the matter previously told TSN that Halifax police have committed «significant» resources to the investigation and have continued trying to contact witnesses who may have information to share about the allegations.

The Halifax police continue to investigate the controversy, and made a point to say they was no statute of limitations on this incident.

It looks like this investigation is picking up steam, the Halifax Police have said that resources aren't an issue as well, although nothing has been brought forward at this time, it doesn't look like the allegations around the 2002-03 World Junior team is going to go away anytime soon.
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Halifax police provide update on 2002-03 World Junior Team

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