A Junior league game featuring a two-handed slash to the head
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Junior League Game Gets Rough After Dangerous Two-handed Slash to the Head

Published January 25, 2024 at 7:30
This is some Marty McSorley type stuff here. A game in the Czech Junior League got out of hand recently when a player decided to slash another in the head while he was trying to score on an empty net.

It's late in the third period with the team in gold and black up 2-0. The team in blue pulled their goaltender in the hopes of clawing back into the game in the final seconds. However, with the net empty, a player with the gold team gets the puck on a breakaway with a wide open net. Rather than let him score the goal, his opponent decided to give his a two-handed slash to the head/neck area, and then another across the legs before before he finally went down. The perpetrator is very lucky the officials decided to get in front of him when the scrum started.

Insane tripping into head in Czech Junior League
byu/merlyy_ inhockey

There are certainly no good excuses for doing something like this. It's not clear yet what the punishment is, but I would not be surprised to see the slasher being permanently ejected from the league.

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Junior League Game Gets Rough After Dangerous Two-handed Slash to the Head

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