Hockey Canada and CHL reach settlement with woman who was allegedly sexual assaulted by multiple players

Published May 26, 2022 at 2:51 PM

Hockey Canada and the CHL have officially released a settlement with a woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted by eight CHL players, including members of the 2017-18 World Juniors gold medal winning team. After reaching the settlement the woman agreed to drop all charges.

The allegations in court revealed:

The plaintiff claimed she was repeatedly assaulted while intoxicated in a hotel room following a Hockey Canada Foundation gala and golf event in the city in June of 2018.

8 unnamed CHL players were named in the case, as well as Hockey Canada and the Canadian Hockey League. The following details are extremely graphic:

According to the lawsuit, the players directed her to fondle her genitals, and perform oral sex on them. The players also allegedly straddled the plaintiff while placing their genitals in her face, slapped the plaintiff on her buttocks, spat on her, ejaculated in and on her, engaged in vaginal intercourse with her, pressured her from leaving the room when she tried to, and engaged in other sexual activities with her.

«Throughout the assaults, the plaintiff experienced an ongoing apprehension of imminent physical harm of a sexual nature,» the lawsuit said. «The actions of the John Doe defendants caused terror and fear in the plaintiff's mind. The John Doe defendants had complete control over the plaintiff and had isolated her from others. The number of men and the fact that they had brought golf clubs to the room further intimidated the plaintiff. As a result, the plaintiff acquiesced to their repeated sexual acts and direction to engage in same, but this in no way constituted valid consent under law by the plaintiff.»

The plaintiff alleged that she was too intoxicated to provide proper consent.

"At times the plaintiff was crying and attempted to leave the room but was directed, manipulated and intimidated into remaining, after which she was subjected to further sexual assaults," the lawsuit said.

The settlement in this case does not equal an admission of guilt by Hockey Canada and the Canadian Hockey League. But this is definitely a disturbing release of information.
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Hockey Canada and CHL reach settlement with woman who was allegedly sexual assaulted by multiple players

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