Injured NHL star to start his own company in 2023

Published December 16, 2022 at 9:28 PM

Evander Kane has been out of action with a wrist injury since November 11th, but that hasn't stopped him from doing good deeds and starting other ventures away from the game of hockey.

According to Kane himself, he will come out with his own clothing line called Defy early in 2023 effectively breaking into the fashion business.

Defy will be available across Canada and the United States. Although, he doesn't provide an official launch date however. With pre-orders being available on December 20th, I would expect we won't have to wait long into the new year for the official launch date.

Love Kane or hate him, he's setting himself up for a life after hockey. I have never subscribed to hockey players needing to stick to one thing, it's nice to see a prominent player explore other ventures while being active(albeit injured at the moment.
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Injured NHL star to start his own company in 2023

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