Insider predicts that Chara will land in Toronto at the deadline

Published March 17, 2022 at 1:43 PM

It's no secret that the Toronto Maple Leafs are looking at every possible scenario to improve their D corps at the trade deadline. There's a lot on the line for the Leafs this season and they simply can't afford to just remain status quo.

In terms of who the Leafs might be able to bring in, there's one option who checks a lot of boxes - and some very important ones - in the form of Zdeno Chara. Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman discussed the idea during the most recent edition of 32 Thoughts.

"Completely insane Toronto prediction: Zdeno Chara. The Maple Leafs like veterans with great attitudes. Wayne Simmonds. Jason Spezza. Joe Thornton. Ron Hainsey. Obviously, Chara would have to want to do it. The Maple Leafs wouldn't mind some blueline meanness. He'd qualify."

Friedman on the idea of Chara in Toronto.

Chara would be a huge add if the Leafs can find a way to make it happen. He's big, he's mean, he has a ton of playoff experience, and above everything else, he undoubtedly improves their blueline - even if they have to shelter him on the 3rd pairing.

He's certainly available with the Isles well outside of the playoff race, but will the Leafs make a push for him? That's the big question.

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Insider predicts that Chara will land in Toronto at the deadline

Can Chara help the Leafs at 44 years old?

Undoubtedly9628.9 %
Naw, he's too old5616.9 %
He's not the piece they need11835.5 %
He's the perfect addition to the blueline6218.7 %
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