Insider reveals an entire team's trade value has fallen after their terrible start to the season

Published December 16, 2022 at 9:52

The NHL is very much a "what have you done lately" type league. It doesn't take much for a player's trade value to decrease or skyrocket. But those trade values can definitely impact a team's long-term planning.

To say it's been a rough start to the Anaheim Ducks season would be a massive understatement. At the thirty game mark of the NHL season, the Anaheim Ducks have only accomplished a single win in regulation. However, some fans may say that's too many.

It's clear that the Ducks front office has accepted a full-scale rebuild in recent years, and they're beginning to see the fruits of high draft picks with the likes of Zegras, McTavish, and Drysdale, but now Elliotte Friedman has revealed that there may be detriments to Anaheim's total rebuild.

Friedman writes this week in 32 Thoughts:

It's been such a hard season in Anaheim that one exec wondered if it would hurt players' trade value — especially the UFAs. Really hard to ramp up to playoff/contender mode if deals don't happen for a couple more months. 

It's a similar problem to what the Buffalo Sabres faced in the first phase of their ongoing rebuild - the team is so bad, that it exacts some psychological toll on the players, fans, and in the minds across the league. It'll take a significant overhaul to change the trajectory of this team.

Yet, all these players now have diminished worth. It's impossible to perform this poorly and still expect high valuations from other teams around the league. This could particularly be a problem for the Ducks who would plan to sell off pending UFAs at the deadline, including John Klingberg, who was essentially signed to be traded.

Not only this, but when you're as bad as the Ducks are, the stench of losing now follows players through their career. When losing games this poorly early on in a players' career, it doesn't build a player mentally to be able to win competitive games.
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Insider reveals an entire team's trade value has fallen after their terrible start to the season

Which of the Ducks upcoming free agents is most likely to be traded?

Troy Terry1312.6 %
John Klingberg5149.5 %
Kevin Shattenkirk3029.1 %
Other98.7 %
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