Insider reveals what major hang up has stalled the Jakob Chychrun trade

Published February 13, 2023 at 1:23 PM

Saturday night news broke that the Arizona Coyotes were scratching Jakob Chcyhrun for what the team had described as "trade related reasons". It had seemed like after 2 full seasons of rumors that Chychrun would finally receive his wish and receive a fresh start. That hasn't come together though.

Yesterday insider Nick Kypreos released the news that it appeared Chcyhrun had been traded to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for Brandt Clarke. As the day went on that deal appeared to fall apart, with David Pagnotta eventually confirming that Clarke had been informed by the team he was not being traded.

Today Elliotte Friedman shared the following details on the 32 Thoughts Podcast.

Friedman on TJMS says the reason the Kings/Coyotes deal for Jakob Chychrun has come to a halt is because they have a hit a snag with a player that is not a key part of the deal and whose contract needs to be moved, they have had difficulty closing that part of the deal.

Friedman goes on to say this player is critical to the deal because one of these teams want it to happen, but he's not critical in the sense that this player will make the trade a better hockey deal for one of these two teams.

Friedman on 32TP says LA made it very clear not only to the Coyotes but to other teams that Byfield & Clarke would not be included, they let everyone internally know about it as well. Once the Clarke rumours took off Sat. night they informed him personally he would not be dealt.

These conflicting stories continue to create doubts that this deal will get done and it appears that the Coyotes are unsure if Chychrun will return to the lineup tonight for the Yotes.

By the sounds of things if the deal isn't completed or progress made that Chychrun could play tonight for the Coyotes making this entire situation even more awkward.

Update - The Coyotes have confirmed Chychrun has played his last game for the Arizona Coyotes.

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Insider reveals what major hang up has stalled the Jakob Chychrun trade

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