JT Miller speaks out after he disrespected his goalie on Thursday night

Published December 31, 2022 at 11:30

J.T. Miller has been prioritized over Captain Bo Horvat by the Vancouver Canucks, a questionable decision and expensive choice. With an AAV of $8 Million over 7 years, we should question Patrik Allvin and Jim Rutherford's judgment.

In the latest Vancouver Canucks drama, J.T. Miller's lack of defensive prowess is on display, as he decided to lecture another teammate while play is underway.

When asked about the incident Miller tried to play it off like it wasn't a big deal.

Miller explained that unless people are in the Canucks locker room, "their opinion doesn't really matter", according to Miller.

Miller's dismissive tone about fans who had legitimate complaints about his behavior on ice continues to show that humility is not one of his best traits. Miller was paid handsomely for his 99-point season, which looks like he will not replicate, despite being a point-per-game producer, is known for his bad defensive coverage.

Honestly, it was classless to treat Colin Delia that way on the ice and it was Bruce Boudreau who ended up falling on the sword, for the Centerman.
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JT Miller speaks out after he disrespected his goalie on Thursday night

Who Was Right JT Miller or Colin Delia?

Colin Delia12161.7 %
JT Miller4020.4 %
Both were wrong3517.9 %
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