Jakob Chychrun starts following multiple players from a new team as trade rumors swirl

Published February 4, 2023 at 6:52 PM

Jakob Chychrun has been a staple in the Arizona Coyotes' defense and has had a career year this season after his return from his wrist injury. Chychrun has been banking 23 minutes a night as well.

Chychrun has been the subject of trade rumours for over a year, but a few nes developments could be a sign that he is indeed on his way out the door, sooner rather than later.


Fuelling speculation, Jakob Chychrun has removed the Arizona Coyotes from his Instagram profile and started following a few Toronto Maple Leafs players as well.

Could he be on his way to Toronto? If yes, what would the price to acquire him be? If the deal isn't too much of an overpay it would be a good deal for Toronto.

However knowing general manager Kyle Dubas's history, it very well could be.

One thing looks to be true, if the above is any indication, the saga could be coming to an end very soon.
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