Jordan Binnington explains why he threw a water bottle at Nazem Kadri

Published May 31, 2022 at 3:29 PM

In game three of the series between the Colorado Avalanche and St.Louis Blues, a turning point occurred where Nazem Kadri crashed the net looking for a loose puck, resulting in the injury of Blues' goaltender Jordan Binnington.

Kadri has a reputation for being somewhat of a loose cannon, and the same can be said of Binnington as well. For these two players to be involved in the play resulting in the injury to St.Louis' starting goalie, the series quickly turned into heated, tightly contested games.

Following the injury in game three, Kadri was partaking in a post-game interview when Binnington walked by, and threw a water bottle at Kadri.

Binnington would not appear for St. Louis in the remainder of the series, which Colorado progressed to win handedly. At the end of season media availability, Binnington was asked of his thoughts when he threw the water bottle at Kadri.

I went to get my knee checked out mid-game. I was coming back to the rink, and the game just ended. Walking down the hallway, I couldn't find a recycling bin on my way down the hallway.

Right before I walked into the locker room, I see him kind of doing an interview there, smiling, laughing and I'm there in a knee brace limping down the hallway. I just felt like it was a God-given opportunity.

I could just stay silent and go in the room or I could say something and just have him look me in the eye and understand what's going on, something to think about. Yeah I just threw the water bottle, an empty water bottle, it landed like 2 feet from him.

It is what it is there. I mean, but it is what it is. It's hockey and it's a competitive game. So ... that's it.

Binnington admitted he threw the empty water bottle at Kadri, implying a jealous feeling when seeing Kadri laughing in the interview while Binnington limped through the hallway in a knee-brace. The full excerpt of his media availability is below:

After last season's tightly contested series which saw the Blues eliminate the Avalanche, this year's series and the surrounding drama will only add to the rivalry of these two teams next season.
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