KHL club sues fan who jumped on the ice during a game

Published December 7, 2022 at 3:35 PM

Last month during a KHL game, a fan decided to jump over the glass and onto the ice during the play. The fan was quickly apprehended by police and taken off of the ice. The fan was identified as Talip Minnegaliev, and he was arrested, charged and banned from all live sporting events for at least one year.

According to Sports 24 the case has taken a surprising turn. According to pre-trial documents the KHL club, Ak Bars Kazan, has decided to sue Minnegaliev as a result of his interruption of the game.

Ak Bars is seeking damage in the form or restitution of 500,000 Rubles, which amounts to about $8,000 US Dollars. This amount was confirmed by Minnegaliev on his Telegram account. This goes to show that there are repercussions for actions that might be far reaching beyond what one would expect.

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