Kyle Dubas disrespected former 29 goal scorer with professional tryout offer

Published August 12, 2023 at 1:31 PM

Now is the time during the off-season that players that aren't signed are trying to figure out their next move, Tomas Tatar is one of them, just days after saying he was waiting to sign, it looks like the Pittsburgh Penguins have their eye on the veteran forward, but it doesn't look like he'll sign a guaranteed deal with the team for next season.

According to Rob Rossi of The Athlectic, while the Penguins are interested in Tatar, they will likely only offer him a professional tryout if he doesn't sign a guaranteed contract before camp begins.

My info on this since late last Sunday has been Penguins are keenly interested, but it might come down to if Tatar gets a guaranteed deal elsewhere opposed to a PTO for camp in Pittsburgh (with expectation he gets a contract).

Tatar, 32, spent last season with the New Jersey Devils where he appeared in all 82 games recording 20 goals and adding 28 assists for a total of 48 points.

While PTO's are more common in recent years due to cap constraints, a player like Tatar, especially coming off a season like he had last year should not bd a player that has to sign a PTO to keep his career alive, alas, it might turn out that way if another team doesn't come along and sign Tatar to a guaranteed contract.
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Kyle Dubas disrespected former 29 goal scorer with professional tryout offer

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