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Kyle Dubas proves he's power hungry when talking about the Karlsson trade

Published August 7, 2023 at 1:43 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins made Kyle Dubas a very powerful man when they hired him to be President of Hockey Operations early this off-season. I'm turn, Dubas made himself general manager.

Earlier today, Dubas met with the media to discuss the massive Erik Karlsson yesterday and how it all came together, but some of his answers were very concerning; take a look.

Dubas: «When it's a good player (Karlsson) you really want, that's why you stare up at the ceiling instead of sleeping.»

I'm never looking for approval,» Dubas said — adding he did talk to Letang, as
previously reported, and Letang was on-board.

He's also looped in Crosby and Malkin, which again was previously reported.

Dubas is proving that the Toronto Maple Leafs were right to move away from him when they did. While it was nice that he looped the stars of the Penguins in, not having to look for approval or have a second set of ears on his plans can be a dangerous thing.

While on the surface, not needing approval seems like a good thing, if track record proves anything, Dubas doesn't care about draft capital and will continue to do wherever it takes to ice the team he wants.
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Kyle Dubas proves he's power hungry when talking about the Karlsson trade

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