Larry Brooks calls for full NHL officiating overhaul

Published April 4, 2022 at 8:38

I think we can all agree we have seen some games where the officiating has left us scratching our heads. We've seen penalties called that are super weak and then things that should be called, not.

That also includes goals allowed and similar goals, disallowed. There's been no consistency and the NHL is a mess and it's made a lot of hockey fans and teams unhappy. Hockey Insider Larry Brooks has said, "he's reached his breaking point League's Officials."

Larry Brooks was so angry with the NHL officiating he made note of it in the New York Post:


If the same people who have been overseeing the operation for years and years, if the Colin Campbell's and Stephen Walkom's of the hockey world are the ones charged with conducting internal reviews and charting the course, the standards will remain indecipherable.

The league's inconsistent rules as well as the seemingly incomprehensible decision making from the league's disciplinary arm for on ice violations, the NHL's Department of Player Safety, as systems that have been broken for far too long.

The Recent events involving Nathan MacKinnon, Troy Terry, Tom Wilson, Taylor Hall sucker punching Lyubushkin, and just today PK Subban laid out Oliver Wahlstrom after checking Jack Hughes. Brooks believes a total overhaul of the rules needs to be done.

Brooks continues:

if the demands of officiating have become too difficult, then the methodology must be changed. And it must be changed by those who have no stake in maintaining the status quo and by those who are willing to start with a blank screen.

Do you agree with the veteran Rangers reporter? Is it time for a change?

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Larry Brooks calls for full NHL officiating overhaul

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