Leafs' fans display why players hate Toronto with their social media behavior

Published March 6, 2022 at 10:54

Jack Campbell is struggling, and struggling might not even begin to describe how poor he's played in the 2022 calendar year. Campbell had been a career backup goalie until he came to the Leafs and dethroned Frederik Andersen as the starting goaltender. Leafs' fans had really only known a positive side of Campbell up until this point, and Jack Campbell had only seen the positive side of Leafs' fans.

In the past two weeks though that has clearly changed. A quick look on Jack Campbell's social media can easily display the under belly of the Maple Leafs' fan base.



Clearly Leafs' fans aren't taking this cold stretch well, but this behavior is the exact reason so many players avoid Canadian markets. But it's not just Instagram where fans have turned on Campbell a quick look at Twitter reveals the same thing.

Let's just remember to never be like any of these "fans" especially not Chad who is wishing death upon a player.

Stay classy Leafs Nation.
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