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Longtime commisioner announces decision to step away

Published August 10, 2023 at 8:57 PM

One of if not the longest serving commissioner in North American hockey is set to retire at the end of next season. this according to many media reports and the Ontario Hockey League itself.

David Branch who became the head of the OHL in 1980 advised the board of governors earlier this summer that this upcoming season, his 45th would be his last at the helm. For its part, the league released a statement advising everyone about his decision.

Brach's tenure with the league and with the Canadian Hockey League as a whole was largely successful. He played an integral part in implementing a scholarship program that affords all players of one year of post-secondary education per season played in the league. He also advocated for player safety, anti-violence, and mental health. Whether you appreciated it or not he was instrumental in adopting rules to reduce the number of fights in the OHL and was part of introducing a blindside hit rule within the league and the CHL.

While it appears his replacement as Ontario Hockey League commissioner has yet to be named, he was succeeded as CHL president in September 2019 by Dan MacKenzie.
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Longtime commisioner announces decision to step away

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