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Louis Domingue wasn't prepared to play last night and admits it with odd food choice

Published May 4, 2022 at 3:02 PM

Tuesday night the New York Ranges and Pittsburgh Penguins played in a marathon game 1. The game ended in the third Overtime when Evgeni Malkin scored for the Penguins. But the win wasn't without some extra adversity. Midway through the second overtime period it didn't look like things would go well for the Penguins as starting goalie Casey DeSmith left with a lower body injury. Already without Tristan Jarry, Pittsburgh called upon third string goalie Louis Domingue.

When marathon overtime games like this happen, the players make sure to keep their energy up by eating properly. Most players will have smoothies, bananas, or protein bars to keep from cramping. Domingue didn't think he would see any playing time, so he made sure to have a full meal in between the first and second overtime period.

Not the best

A full plate of spicy pork and broccoli probably isn't the best meal to have ten minutes before you're set to play goal in a playoff game. But Domingue kept it together and made 17 saves for the win. Maybe this will become his new pregame meal.
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