Major update in the Kyle Beach versus Donald Fehr investigation

Published April 12, 2022 at 10:32 PM

When Kyle Beach finally came to a settlement with the Chicago Blackhawks it wasn't the end of his horrible abuse case. In many ways it was just the beginning, the beginning of his healing and the beginning of the investigation into all of those who wronged Beach along the way. The list of people responsible for the abuse was far reaching, beyond the Blackhawks and even had an impact on the NHLPA.

The NHLPA approved an investigation into Donald Fehr's involvement or lack thereof in the Kyle Beach case. Well the results of that investigation are finally in, having been conducted by Toronto law firm Cozen O'Connor. The NHLPA Player Representatives were given the investigations finding on Monday night before a conference call.

Now the 32 NHLPA Representatives will have 72-hours to cast their vote on whether or not to make these findings public.

It was reported in 2011 that Donald Fehr was made aware of the Kyle Beach incident by Beach's agent, Ross Gurney. At the time it was reported Fehr ensured Gurney that he'd forward this information, something that never actually happened. After the findings were released Donald Fehr went on to admit he'd failed Kyle Beach.

Kyle Beach has also shared that he feels:

If they did what they are supposed to do, then that teenaged boy in Michigan probably does not get sexually assaulted.

It will be very interesting to see how these votes are cast as it's already been reported by TSN that some players have cast their vote in favour of revealing the investigation.

Hopefully Donald Fehr is another individual who feels the wrath of not protecting Kyle Beach and allowing Brad Aldrich to go on to commit other crimes.
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Major update in the Kyle Beach versus Donald Fehr investigation

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