Major update on accusations that Oilers' owner Daryl Katz had an inappropriate relationship with a minor

Josh tupper
August 9, 2022  (3:48 PM)

Earlier this summer accusations were made against the Edmonton Oilers' owner, Daryl Katz. The allegations alleged that Katz, who would have been in his 50's at the time, had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a then 17-year-old female. Katz immediately and vehemently denied these allegations, while vowing to fight the claims against him.

Katz issued the following statement through his legal team:
Daryl Katz denies the allegations against him by Mitchell Taylor Button and Dusty Button without reservation. There has never been a sexual relationship of any kind between Mr. Katz and Ms. Humphries.

Mr. Katz will vigorously defend his reputation against these baseless and scurrilous claims and will seek sanctions and damages against both the Buttons and their counsel for this frivolous and malicious attack on his character.

Now less than a month later Katz has been exonerated and the claims against him have been withdrawn.

The claim was withdrawn after both Katz and the alleged victim provided a copy of her identification, which displayed her birthday as 1997, which makes her 18 at the alleged time of the claims. Those who made these claims issued the following statements through their lawyer via the Edmonton Journal:
Dusty and Mitchell Button made their allegations based on their understanding of information provided to them by Sage Humphries.\

Nevertheless, Mr. Katz's counsel provided the Buttons with credible evidence that key allegations were not true Based on this credible evidence, Dusty Button and Mitchell Button have dismissed their claims against Daryl Katz.

I want to personally apologize for any harm the erroneous factual claims may have caused to Mr. Katz and his family. We brought the claims in good faith, but the moment I doubted the ability to maintain them, I took corrective action and asked the court to strike all relevant references from the record. Nobody should repeat those allegations in any context without noting that they have been withdrawn and repudiated.

There is no information if Daryl Katz will seek legal recourse for these false claims, but this information should definitely help the Oilers owner now focus on the upcoming season.
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