Maple Leafs linked to major starting goalie acquisition

Published May 24, 2022 at 12:05

Jack Campbell emerged this season as an All-Star goaltender, but he struggled for an extended period during the season and during the playoffs. Now according to Elliott Friedman there appears to be a large gap between what the Toronto Maple Leafs' have offered Jack Campbell and what he wants.

Jack Campbell's performance last season in the North Division made it possible for the Maple Leafs to move on from Frederik Andersen. But now it appears the Maple Leafs may finally be in the market to solidify their goaltending position for a long time.

The Maple Leafs are expected to try and move on from the oft injured Petr Mrazek and his $3,800,000 cap hit. Moving on from Mrazek will also allow the Leafs more flexibility, to promote Erik Kallgren or Joseph Woll, which is great for Dubas, but this doesn't solve the starting goaltender issue.

Elliotte Friedman, opened negotiations with Campbell presenting him with an offer that would pay him $2.75 million per season. It's unclear how many years the deal was for, but it shows that the Leafs believe he can be their guy going forward for the next few years at least.

If Dubas lets Campbell walk who is next in line? It sounds like they may be in on John Gibson. The question is, are the Ducks actively trying to move John Gibson, their top goalie? It doesn't sound like it, according to Pat Verbeek, but he is listening to offers it sounds like.

Would Verbeek listen to any offers that come his way? I do believe he'd have his ear open in case he was blown away by an offer. And if the conversation hasn't already been had, I'd imagine that Verbeek will gauge just how much Gibson wants to ride out this rebuild. If he gets a sense that the 28-year-old prefers to be with a team that's closer to Stanley Cup contention, then you can bet there will be more trade speculation that's real and not conjured up for our enjoyment.

Gibson's current cap hit is $6.4 million until 2026-2027 and he has a modified no trade clause, that began this year. Gibson played 56 games with a .904 SV%, whereas Jack Campbell played 36 this year, with a .914 SV% in the regular season.

The Ducks currently have Lukas Dostal, one of their top prospects ready to make the jump to the NHL full-time next season.
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Maple Leafs linked to major starting goalie acquisition

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