Marchand admits how Jarry set him off - It didn't take much

Published February 18, 2022 at 8:06 PM

Boston Bruins' forward and noted NHL bad boy, Brad Marchand, was suspended by the NHL's Department of Player Safety for roughing and high-sticking Pittsburgh Penguins goalie, Tristan Jarry, during the final minutes of a 4-2 Bruins loss to the Pens on February 8.

Today, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman denied Marchand's appeal for a lesser sentence and upheld the DPS' original six-game suspension. With the announcement came details of just what led to the incident.

In the above clip, you'll see that just prior to Marchand punching Jarry, the Pens' keeper clearly says something to Marchand to set him off and now we know just what it was:

"How about that f**king save?" - Tristan Jarry

This was Marchand's seventh suspension during his 13-year NHL career, with total games served at 22. He has already served four of the six games for this latest indiscretion and is eligible to return to the Bruins lineup on Thursday February 24 against the Seattle Kraken.
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