NHL announces Brad Marchand appeal results

Published February 18, 2022 at 6:51 PM

Wednesday afternoon in New York City, Boston Bruins' forward Brad Marchand appeared in front of the NHL to make his case during his appeal of his 6 game suspension. Marchand's case was simple, his actions did not warrant the type of suspension he'd received and the results were being based solely on the player he was previously and not who he is now.

Marchand felt that other suspensions in the past didn't align with this case and he presented his evidence as such, but today NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman issued his verdict on the decision. Bettman elected to uphold the full suspension, resulting in Marchand not being able to appear this weekend in the Bruins' next game against the Ottawa Senators.

According to Frank Seravalli the suspension broke down as follows:

Essentially boils down to 2 games for the punch, 2 games for the high-stick to Jarry's face and 2 additional games for Marchand's previous similar conduct.

Marchand does have the option to appeal to an independent arbitrator, but that process would likely take longer then the 2 games he has remaining.
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