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Mark Stone shares he scored a hat trick after breaking a bone

Published August 16, 2023 at 10:43

Hockey players are some of the toughest people out there. No matter what level, most play through some kind of injury during the course of a season. When you make the National Hockey League, the pinnacle of the sport, that need to continue playing through injuries doesn't stop, especially when you make the playoffs and are in the Stanley Cup final. We've seen some pretty gruesome injuries, but this might be one of the most impressive displays of toughness.

According to the Pat Mcafee podcast, Vegas Golden Knights captain Mark Stone played through a broken wrist in game 5 of the Stanley Cup final; take a look.

Stone said the injury was a result of a smack on the wrist during the first period of the game. He then would go on to score a hat trick in what would be a 9-3 win for the Knights clinching their first Stanley Cup.

Playing through pain has become pretty commonplace in the NHL, but having one of your wrists broken and still scoring 3 goals is next level toughness and skill.

Hockey players, especially those that play in the NHL just don't know when to stop playing. In this case, no pain, maybe no Stanley Cup win.
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Mark Stone shares he scored a hat trick after breaking a bone

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