Max Pacioretty takes shot at Vegas Golden Knights and their fans

Josh tupper
August 2, 2022  (9:05 PM)

The Vegas Golden Knights traded Max Pacioretty to the Carolina Hurricanes this off season. This was just example of another player who became a cap casualty to the teams mismanagement. Worst of all Pacioretty was traded for the dreaded "Future Considerations".

The Golden Knights were forced to giveaway one of their top goal scorers for absolutely nothing in return. Pacioretty was initially acquired by the Golden Knights from the Montreal Canadiens in a deal that was intended to push Vegas over the top. Unfortunately that didn't work out for either Vegas or Pacioretty.
Recently Pacioretty joined the Raw Knuckles Podcast where he spoke out about his time in Vegas.
When I first got to Vegas, it was weird that there was like no accountability. And I'm not talking about in the team; I'm talking about like ever. You couldn't feel pressure coming off anyone else, from the coach to the management.

There was a relief when I got there. But then I found myself being like, I've got to reel this in and hold myself to a higher standard which I had always done.' But maybe I got away from it when I had everyone else holding me accountable (in Montreal).

Pacioretty then went on to discuss the major differences between Montreal and Vegas. Even taking a shot at the lack of outside interest from the fan base.
I mentioned that at the end of the year that no one is really holding us accountable. If we have a bad year like this, the city would be half on fire in Montreal. Here in Vegas, it's 80 degrees, and it's sunny. We're getting our car washed and getting our organic food, and going to play golf. I was kind of like, we've got to police this thing a little better amongst each other.' I don't want to say it was a country club, but you have no one from the outside holding you accountable.

The Golden Knights fired another coach this off season and hired Bruce Cassidy. If Cassidy is unable to bring accountability to the team it's likely Vegas will miss the playoffs again this year.
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Max Pacioretty takes shot at Vegas Golden Knights and their fans

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