Mitch Marner comments on being hit with beer during last night's game

Matt Garland
November 24, 2022  (11:59)

It was a wild scene at the Prudential Center on Wednesday night. The Toronto Maple Leafs were able to hold onto their 2-1 lead, snapping the Devils thirteen game winning streak.

Toronto grabbed an early lead after scoring two first period goals. After that, New Jersey had two goals called back because of goaltender interference. One in the first period and one in the second.
In the third period, while short-handed, Erik Haula had Jersey's third goal of the evening disallowed. Haula took a one timer on a pass from Jack Hughes. Goalie Matt Murray made a great save but was unable to control the rebound. Erik Haula was standing right in front of Murray looking for the loose puck. The replay shows Haula kicking the puck with his skate causing the puck to cross the goal line. After the referees reviewed the play, it was determined that it was "no goal" due to a distinct kicking motion.
After the third goal of the evening was disallowed, chaos erupted at the Prudential Center. Devils fans pelted the Maple Leafs with debris, including full cans of beer, at 8:53 of the third period.
«I mean, it's full beers. It's dangerous,» Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner said after the affair. «We're not looking for that. We're not seeing it coming. Dodged a couple. I mean, it got really dangerous again at the end. It's a dangerous thing. I don't know [why] it's our fault. It's not like they're throwing it just for joy. They're throwing it to try and hit us. It's the first I've ever seen. It's insane.»

«I mean, I watched it. He's in the crease. Murr can't kick off,» Marner said. «There's 800 officials in Toronto watching that and seeing it. They're the ones calling it.»

Leafs goalie Matt Murray shared his thoughts on the third dissallowed goalie by the Devils:
«I thought it was kicked, yeah, but you never know with these things,» Murray said. «Those net-front scrambles, there's a lot of stuff going on so you're never really 100% sure.»

«I mean, I understand why they were frustrated at that point,» Murray said. «Three disallowed goals is uncommon. But I think that's pretty dangerous, throwing full beer cans like that. I don't think that's ever the way to go about things.»

Another win for the Devils would've been a franchise record.
Mitch Marner comments on being hit with beer during last night's game

Was the right call made on all three goals last night?

Yes, refs were correct on all of them9449.7 %
No, first one should have been a goal3920.6 %
No, at least two should have been goals3317.5 %
Shenanigans, how much did the Leafs pay2312.2 %
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