More embarrassing news as Coyotes new arena may cost the government over $20M a year

Published April 23, 2022 at 7:34 PM

Currently on their way to the smallest capacity arena in the NHL at Arizona State University, the Coyotes' franchise is still exploring other options for a future home. Knowing the team can not survive financially playing in front of less than 5,000 fans, the Coyotes have proposed a new arena and a broader entertainment district for the city of Tempe, Arizona.

So far, reports have indicated it will be a slim chance that the Coyotes can complete the move to Tempe. The city of Glendale's public grievances of the team's tax delinquency has soured the relationship off the bat between the Coyotes and Tempe. Even worse, a new study conducted by the Tempe government has shown the arena would cost the city over $20M a year due to disruptions at Sky Harbour Airport.

This should be the nail in the coffin for the proposed relocation to an arena in Tempe. Bringing in only $66M dollars in revenue during COVID-pause season, and considering their previous public financial problems, it looks impossible to move the team to Tempe.

If the team is indeed stuck at Arizona State University, it's doubtful the NHL would allow the team to stay in Arizona due to concerns of both owners and players by involvement in revenue-sharing. Gary Bettman can only hope for a new owner to step up and buy the team, or possibly buy-back and auction the team to another city.

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