Mortiz Seider embarrassingly refuses to drop the gloves with a much smaller opponent

Published February 27, 2023 at 8:46 PM

The game of hockey is inherently physical and occasionally a player will do whatever it takes to goad his opponent into dropping the gloves however an incident that was caught on camera is something this writer has rarely seen before.

During the Detroit Red Wings' visit to Ottawa with just under thirteen minutes to play in the first period while in the Senators' end, Alex DeBrincat of the Senators gets knocked down from behind by Detroit's Moriz Seider.

While the size difference is noticeably different as DeBrnicat is 5'8 and Seider is 6'4 this appears to be a classic case of an opponent trying to get under the skin or into the head of his adversary to see if he will take a penalty.

While an instigator penalty probably could have been called against DeBrincat and he'd likely be able to hold his own, he should probably thank his lucky stars that he went after a more docile player in Seider as opposed to the likes of Tyler Bertuzzi as Bertuzzi would have likely knocked his head off.
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