NHL Teams considering moving players ahead of the deadline, after another top deadline target suffers season ending injury

Published February 2, 2023 at 2:12 PM

Gustav Nyquist has grown into a staple in the Columbus Blue Jackets offense, under the tutelage of Brad Larsen in 2021-2022 the forward rebounded offensively putting up 53 points.

Nyquist has been with the club for 3 seasons and despite lackluster performance prior to his time in San Jose and Detroit, Nyquist always found a way to be useful and a leader.

According to Chris Johnston Gus Nyquist may be out for the rest of the season, as he will require surgery on his injured shoulder, but they haven't ruled out a possible return for the final two weeks of the season if possible.

This is a cautionary tale of keeping talent as a trade chip for too long, and this isn't the first time a General Manager has fumbled a chance at trading for assets. Nyquist will recover and hopefully, will return healthy and return to play soon. Nyquist's contract is ultimately affordable and team-friendly for someone of his caliber.

But this is a cautionary tale that NHL General Managers have to be aware of. Multiple reports now state that teams are interested in moving their top trade pieces sooner rather than later. Early this season the Canucks had an injury scare involving Bo Horvat, and that was one of the reasons they opted to make a move so soon.

Expect multiple NHL teams to get things done over the two weeks following the All-Star Games as groups look to build chemistry and avoid losing out on returns.
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