NHL gets caught in lie about All Star Game attendance

Published February 5, 2023 at 5:54 PM

Amidst the Star-Studded event the 2022-2023 NHL All-Star Game certainly was one of the most controversial All-Star Games in recent memory. Gary Bettman took time before Saturday's events to attempt to maintain the image of the league after Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby railed the shoot-out and playoff formats.

To continue with the controversy, there is a dispute with what was advertised in regard to records with attendance and on-air attendance shown.

Attendance for the 2023 NHL All-Star Game is 19,250, a sellout.

This is what Bettman's NHL is going with for the attendance record for the All-Star Weekend, which is generous, especially when every available photos shows otherwise.

However, as seen above it looks all the diehard NHL fans wanting to see an mediocre All-Star Game product got lost at the beach? Taylor Haase, Jeremy Filosa and others documented on Twitter evidence to the contrary.

It looks like Auston Matthews and Tage Thompson made the smart move to forego the pageantry and bad Happy Gilmore skits on-ice. The attempt to fudge the attendance numbers is just another way that the sport may be profitable again, but the people in Sunrise weren't having it and after watching the Breakaway Competition, I don't blame them.

P.K. Subban in all his earnest attempts to make it entertaining failed to do so and that's saying something.

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NHL gets caught in lie about All Star Game attendance

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