NHL looking at expanding video reviews and Coach's Challenge

Published March 13, 2023 at 3:11 PM

The National Hockey League has used video review for years to determine plays such as goaltender interference and whether a puck crossed the goal line. In recent years the NHL has implemented additional reviews for offside as well. This was then expanded to reviewing both major penalties and high sticking plays.

The review process in many cases has left fans with a sour taste in their mouth about the process. The process has remained clunky and time consuming. Despite the lack of success with the current program it appears that the NHL is now looking at expanding this process even further.

NHL discusses coach challenge expansion at GM meetings. Additional review for High Sticks and determination of puck over glass. More discussion tomorrow on the possibility of implementation.

Currently when it comes to high sticking, officials are only allowed to review double minors to ensure that it was the stick of an opposing player that caused the damage. Unfortunately though this doesn't cover plays where blood isn't drawn.

Last season during the playoffs these changes would have allowed the Maple Leafs to review a play, which ultimately cost them Game 7 against the Lightning. In the 3rd period, Maple Leafs' forward David Kampf was called for a high stick late in the game, which never actually struck Cal Foote in the face.

Implementing these new rules would allow coaches to challenge more plays, while risking taking a delay of game penalty for their challenge.

The question becomes, where does the league draw the line when it comes to challenges and reviews?
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NHL looking at expanding video reviews and Coach's Challenge

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