NHL reveals the 3 most likely Cities the NHL will expand to next

Published December 14, 2022 at 11:42

The additions of the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken to the NHL have been resounding successes. Since their inception both teams have increased exponentially in value since joining the league. The NHL has been the only major sport to expand their leagues in the past decade, with MLB looking at following in the NHL's footsteps.

With that success also comes the NHL's interest in expanding further. At the Board of Governor's Meetings, some potential locations were brought up during discussion.

Friedman on TJMS says Vegas and Seattle are two high revenue generating teams, they're not at the top but they are near the top and that's why Friedman feels Bettman fights for Arizona and that's why he wonders about Houston or Austin or Toronto 2.

Friedman doesn't believe expansion is imminent, but he does wonder if they get there someday because of the success Seattle and Vegas have been. Marek not so sure a 2nd team in Toronto is possible, especially with all the money the Leafs pay in revenue sharing.

The NHL also likes remaining with an even number of teams and that makes it likely that there will be at least two new teams added to the league. With long-term growth the league could reach 34 teams by 2030, with places like Quebec City, Kansas City and others also looking for teams it appears Gary Bettman wants his legacy to be built around expanding the league and continuing to lose money in Arizona.
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NHL reveals the 3 most likely Cities the NHL will expand to next

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