New sports league unveils new review process that the NHL should consider

Published February 18, 2023 at 6:52 PM

The National Hockey League has rules and processes that make fans, for the most part scratch their head. Especially in recent years, video review has been a point of contention among other things. A new league unveiled a new form of video review that the NHL should definitely consider.

On TSN today, the XFL started their season, in one of the games, video review was needed for a call was a catch or not, honestly, the NHL should take notes, take a look:

During the review process during a game, the XFL cut to a camera inside the situation room so fans could see what goes on behind the scenes and how a call is evaluated. It's quite interesting to see how the process of a review unfolds.

With everything that goes on in the NHL and the need for so much video review that you think would be clear, but ends up leaving you scratching your head anyway.

If the league adopted this review process, it would clear up a lot of contention between coaches, players and fans alike.

Alas, I don't trust commissionaire Gary Bettman to do anything that would enhance the experience on and off the ice. If league officials got a call wrong while being taped, all hell would break loose and he can't have that.
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New sports league unveils new review process that the NHL should consider

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