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New teammate shares his secret admiration for Marc-Andre Fleury

Published March 26, 2022 at 5:58 PM

We all know that Marc-Andre Fleury is one of the most popular and respected players in the NHL. Fleury was traded this past week from the Chicago Blackhawks to the Minnesota Wild and it looks like Fleury is becoming a fan favorite already.

Apparently, Fleury has a huge fan, in now a teammate, Kevin Fiala. Fiala had some very kind words that he shared with the media about the team's new goaltender. Fiala revealed to the Wild media that he was a super fan of Fleury's, when he was growing up. Fiala said that he was such a big fan that Fiala considered being a goaltender, just because of how inspired he was by Fleury.


The 25-year-old Swiss winger shared the following with, Michael Russo of The Athletic:

He's my favorite goalie all time. I wanted to be a goaltender because of him when I was young watching Pittsburgh Penguins all the time. (Sidney) Crosby, Fleury, just two of my favorites. Looking at him now, he's in our locker room. It's not realistic kind of.

This is truly a dream come true for Fiala to play with Fleury. Fiala also admitted it wasn't always a good thing for him being a Fleury fan.

Ever since I got to the league I felt like I struggled to score on him. Maybe it's a little star-struck. I don't know, but he's a great goalie. He reads the play. He's like a defenseman out there it feels like the way he sometimes jumps out. To be honest, it can get in your head.

Fleury came over to the Minnesota Wild on Deadline Day from the Chicago Blackhawks for a conditional 2nd round pick.

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New teammate shares his secret admiration for Marc-Andre Fleury

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