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Old Rivalry Sparks Major Achievement in Tickets Sales for the PWHL

Published February 3, 2024 at 11:44
It's great when old hockey rivalries get heated up again. Even better when those old feuds spill over into new leagues.

The Professional Women's Hockey League has reached a major milestone in its first season of operation. While attendance has already been well up there, the PWHL has now set a world record in women's hockey by selling out all 18,800 seats at Scotiabank Arena for an upcoming game. That game, which takes place February 16, features old hockey rivals Toronto and Montreal.


That didn't take long.

After the presale window and tickets only being available to the public for two hours, the PWHL game between Toronto and Montreal at Scotiabank Arena is sold out.

Nearly 19,000 fans will set a new pro women's hockey record."

The Toronto team has the second lowest attendance in the PHWL this season, but that's because the team is playing home games at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, which seats a bit under 2500 fans. Moving this game, which is being called "The Battle on Bay Street," shows there's far more interest in women's hockey in Toronto than the team can currently accommodate. That will likely change now that it's been proven there's money to be made.

For anyone planning to watch on game on TV, the game starts at 7 PM ET, and there are plenty of outlets carrying it.
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Old Rivalry Sparks Major Achievement in Tickets Sales for the PWHL

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