Patrick Kane provided a list of teams he could be traded to

Published February 8, 2023 at 1:03 PM

After almost a year of speculation, it seems as if the trade speculation around Patrick Kane is reaching the tipping point. With the Chicago Blackhawks firmly in the basement of the league and committing to a full-scale rebuild, the team could do right by their players and their organizational goals by trading Kane to a contending team.

However, it's never been clear if Kane actually would waive his contractual no trade clause, and forego a dream of being a Blackhawk for life. Now, ahead of the deadline, it seems as if Kane's mindset is changing. According to Mark Lazerus of the Athletic, Kane and his agent Pat Brisson are now facilitating trade offers to contending teams.

It's been reported that the Dallas Stars and New York Rangers have emerged as front runners to acquire Kane. Both being big American markets willing to compete for a Stanley Cup, Kane would likely be willing to waive his no-trade to join them. Other teams that have reportedly shown interest include the Vegas Golden Knights, Los Angeles Kings, New Jersey Devils, and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Kane is in the final year of a contract that pays him $10.5M annually, and his no move clause dictates that he will be able to select the team he is traded to. He's had an underwhelming offensive season so far with only 9 goals and 35 points in 46 games, but he's battled injury and through playing on this rendition of the Hawks. Regardless, his offensive gifts and Stanley Cup experience will make him one of the most coveted deadline adds.

Moreover, the price to acquire Kane may be surprisingly low. Similar to the trades involving Claude Giroux and Taylor Hall last year, the organization will do right by Kane in trading him to the team that he wishes, instead of maximizing their return. Kane could be traded for as little as a prospect and a draft pick.
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Patrick Kane provided a list of teams he could be traded to

Where will Patrick Kane be traded?

New York Rangers20033.2 %
Edmonton Oilers8814.6 %
Boston Bruins11719.4 %
Other19832.8 %
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