Patrick Kane rips Chicago Blackhawks management leading to major trade speculation

Published February 15, 2023 at 11:43

Will he be traded or won't he? This is the question that has plagued the Chicago Blackhawks about Patrick Kane for the better part of a year now. Now it seems like the situation is coming to a head and at warp speed.

Kane has been very private about his future and what he'd decided, but last week that changed. Last week Kane shared his disappointment that being traded to the New York Rangers was no longer an option. Yesterday before a game against the Montreal Canadiens, Kane was asked about his thoughts on former teammate Kirby Dach.

I'm not surprised. What is he, 21? 22? It takes some time sometimes, and he was probably rushed into the league. And playing fourth-line minutes, getting sat out games, it's probably not the best thing for your development.

It's not surprising that all of a sudden he's starting to play a lot of minutes and playing in a good position and he's producing. Happy for him.

Kane has become very outspoken with the team's current management, including General Manager Kyle Davidson. Kane is on record saying the Blackhawks never setup former teammate Dylan Strome for proper success as well. It seems like a trend here and one the Blackhawks must fix if they're going to rebuild correctly.

With Kane's outspokenness and obvious dislike for the way things are being run, many are assuming it's not if he will be traded, but when. Whatever the Blackhawks and Kane decide this is going to be a pivotal moment in not just the rebuild, but how players view the Hawks and their ability to do right by their players.
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Patrick Kane rips Chicago Blackhawks management leading to major trade speculation

What will happen with Patrick Kane?

The Blackhawks will keep him9340.4 %
He'll be traded13759.6 %
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