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Phil Kessel's fiance shares how she felt about him playing while she was in labour

Published April 11, 2022 at 9:10 PM

Phil Kessel is already a cult hero in NHL circles. The multiple time Stanley Cup winner, who teammates have described as being built like a "potato". Kessel has even embraced his body type and even taken shots at reporters like Steve Simmons, who accused him of being "Hot Dog" Phil.

Ultimately any player who is willing to eat hot dogs out of the Stanley Cup is a very special player, especially when that player can still contribute at a high level afterwards.

Earlier this year the legacy of Phil Kessel grew even further. While Kessel's fiance was in labour, Phil traveled with the team to continue his Ironman Streak.

Now we are hearing from Phil Kessel's fiance about how she felt about Phil's game in Detroit. According to NHL Breakers on Instagram it wasn't Phil's idea at all, and the idea of maintaining his Ironman Streak was actually his fiance's idea:

Phil Kessel (who's newly engaged) was unsure of the proposed plan to save his iron man streak, and then fly him back home to witness the birth of his daughter. He reportedly was fully prepared to not give the consecutive games streak a second thought until his fiancée Sandra convinced him to go through with it. Phil ended up making it back in plenty of time, so it's safe to say the plan worked out perfectly.

I guess it's fair to say Sandra is the real MVP.
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Phil Kessel's fiance shares how she felt about him playing while she was in labour

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