Player punches another player who is on the ice
Photo credit: Spittin' Chiclets

Player snaps during senior league game

Published January 2, 2024 at 3:26 PM
Fighting has always been part of the game of hockey and always will be. For one player however, it appears he took fighting to an entirely different level during a recent game. This video that was posted online shows a player grabbing another opponent off of the faceoff and immediately dropping him with a right hand before every player on the ice grabs a partner.

After #20 drops his first opponent he skates after a defender and lands another major shot leaving him on the ice. Finally a player jumps off the bench and steps up against him and delivers a pretty significant beat down after watching two of his players take some tough shots.

It's unclear what set off this brawl or any punishments received by the players, but this video shows that the fighting spirit is alive and well.

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Player snaps during senior league game

What punishment does #20 deserve?

Just a fighting major8014.3 %
Short suspension13424 %
Long suspension18332.8 %
Kicked out of the league16128.9 %
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